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About GhostCraft

What is Ghostcraft? Ghostcraft is a server-side mod inspired by The Hidden: Source, a popular mod. Nine players work in tandem together in an effort to avoid being killed by the Ghost, a mostly invisible and very powerful player. By inflicting damage to the Ghost, you can possibly become the Ghost! The ultimate goal is to become the Ghost and kill the nine players in the match attempting to survive.

How do I play?

Ghostcraft has a number of servers. Joining one is as easy as heading over to the SERVER LIST page and joining an open server. You will need a legal copy of Minecraft to play Ghostcraft.

Help! I don't know how to play!

Head over to the ABOUT PAGE to learn more information about the game. It can take some time to get used to the controls of the ghost, but the flexibility of the control system allow for a ton of possibility.

Is it free?

Yes, players can play as the ghost and are able to use basic kits as human soldiers. Ghostcraft runs on enterprise grade hardware, allowing for a lag free experience. You can purchase additional kits or VIP access on the servers, which help the Ghostcraft team pay these expensive server costs and continue to develop the mod. The Ghostcraft team thanks you in advance for your support.

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